Tuesday, May 31, 2016


It's been so long since I have blogged, I know. But what better way to get back into it than with a cover reveal for one of my favorite authors, Katherine Lampe!

Lampe writes some of the most beautiful prose and vivid descriptions, as well as compelling storylines, I have ever read. I have had the pleasure of devouring her novels from earlier in the Caitlin Ross series, like The Parting Glass and The Unquiet Grave, and I'm very anxious to continue on Caitlin and Timber's journey. I am just so in love with these characters, and so glad they picked Lampe to be their voice. No one could write them better...

Which means I'm thrilled to be able to reveal yet another gorgeous representation of her series, by artist Matt Davis (@GreyDevil13 on Twitter, rockandhillstudio@gmail.com). With that, I give you the beautiful cover for the newest installment in Katherine Lampe's Caitlin Ross series, THE WELL BELOW THE VALLEY, which will be available August 2 (see below the cover for more information):

About the Book

Six months after the birth of her daughter, Caitlin Ross’s life is in a tailspin. Still suffering from what he endured at the hands of his former lover, her husband, Timber MacDuff, has drawn away. The gods have stopped speaking, except for vague hints in bad dreams. Unwilling to face reality, Caitlin goes about her daily routine as if nothing has changed while deep inside she longs for distraction.

When the county sheriff asks for help with a puzzling situation, Caitlin believes her prayers have been answered. A rancher has drowned in the middle of a desert, and the means appear supernatural. The case is right up Caitlin’s alley, but her interest pits her against Timber, who insists getting involved is too dangerous now that she’s a mother. Neither he nor Caitlin realizes a greater danger awaits. Strange events in Gordarosa have brought the area to the attention of a group known as Shade Tracers. Mundane mortals, they’ve taken it upon themselves to protect humanity from magic—with deadly force, if necessary. One holds Caitlin responsible for a personal tragedy, and will stop at nothing to see justice done.

Past and present converge in Caitlin’s darkest adventure yet. With her own life at stake, she must journey through time to uncover the truth behind the Shade Tracer’s obsession. Success could provide the key to solving the local mystery. Failure will doom her to a life on the run, forever hunted.

THE WELL BELOW THE VALLEY will be released in print and electronic editions August 2, 2016.

A sneak peak!

Just then, some odd flickers from the BLM land adjacent our property caught my eyes. Shading them with my hand, I squinted into the distance. A flash. A beat, and then another. No regular rhythm. They seemed to originate from the low hill from which we often watched the moonrise.

Some kids dicking around with a mirror. BLM land was public property, and this section lay convenient to town. Bored local teens partied there. Timber and I combed the ground a couple of times a month, picking up the trash they left behind.

I bent to retrieve my basket. As I straightened, the light flashed again, this time with a distinctive quality hard to define. Less like a mirror. More like a flame. I’d just settled on the difference when something whizzed past my left ear, and a cluster of berries fell off the rowan tree at the center of the garden. A split second later, a sharp CRACK! rang through the air.

My jaw dropped. What the hell? I lifted my eyes from the rowan berries to the hilltop in time to see the light flash again. At the same time, panicked voice shouted not three feet behind me.

“Jesus Christ, Caitlin! Get DOWN!”

A heavy object struck my back, knocking me to the ground. My basket flew from my hand, spilling my harvest. I hit the earth with a shock that drove the wind from my lungs. AS I lay there, cheek in damp soil, the intense, green scent of bruised tomato vines clogged my nose. A foot from my head, a pepper plant exploded. CRACK! Understanding washed over me, and I began to shake.

Someone was shooting at me.

What's the Caitlin Ross Series About?

Rural Gordarosa looks like any small mountain town, with stunning scenery and locals who enjoy gossip. Witch Caitlin Ross knows, however, that there’s more to her hometown than meets the mundane eye. The caretaker at the local theater isn’t human, for example. And her best friend’s uncle is a demon. Sometimes Otherworldly forces get out of control, and Caitlin has to step in to put things right.

Walking the line between Urban Fantasy and Magical Realism, the Caitlin Ross series is unique in being written with a polytheistic Pagan world view, in which the gods are often as flawed as humans and the other is not necessarily monstrous. The books give readers access to a world where magic is an ordinary part of life, but, for all that, never commonplace. By presenting enchantment as a given, they highlight the wonder in the everyday.

About the Author

Musician, DJ, and unrepentant Iconoclast, Katherine Lampe studied at the University of Michigan with Ken Mikolowski, and at Naropa University with Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs. The daughter of an English teacher and a self-professed heretic masquerading as a Presbyterian minister, she is interested in the individual's relationship with the divine. Her work explores the interaction of the supernatural and the mundane in the lives of real people.

Check out Lampe's author page on Amazon here, where you can find the whole Caitlin Ross series, as well as links to her blog! But be careful: if you start her page-turning books, you won't be able to put them down.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bidding My Publisher Farewell

I suppose this announcement is past-due. I've been waiting for it to be official, on the off-chance I would step on toes or something, but I can officially announce--now that I have signed the agreement--my contract with Swoon Romance (GMMG--Georgia McBride Media Group) has ended and we have gone our separate ways.

This means that HEMLOCK VEILS is no longer on the market (though I see it is still being sold on Amazon--I guess I should check on that), because it's no longer published. I currently have no published works...and I suppose that makes me not a published author anymore.

I have so many mixed feelings about it. I am over the devastation, mostly, since this was decided months ago and it's had time to sink in and marinade. What I can say is that it's definitely the best choice, for both GMMG and me. I want to make it clear that we did not part on ill terms. I still love that team, and they still praise my writing. It was just a matter of different styles, and both publisher and author knowing we weren't a good fit. That it would do better elsewhere.

What will happen now? Well, because GMMG is a stand-up publisher, and they genuinely do care about the success of their authors, they have reverted all rights to HEMLOCK VEILS back to me. They still want to see me, and my story, succeed. However, paranormal romance for adults isn't doing so hot on the market right now. So no matter how great of a story it is, or how "beautiful" the writing, if the market doesn't have a place for it, it won't sell.

So while my agent and I look for a publisher who can get HEMLOCK VEILS to the right audience (which may be a while, as we have to wait for that paranormal trend to rise again), I am sinking my teeth into other writing projects, trying to find the next novel we can pitch--something not in the paranormal genre.

I want to emphasize that this is not the end of HEMLOCK VEILS. I know a lot of you were looking forward to Book 2, which was supposed to be out last year. Trust me, I understand that disappointment. But I will find a great home for this series again someday, and then I will be right back to working on Book 3. When it does find a new home, there will be a whole new book launch, with a new publisher, new cover design, etc. What could be better than two releases for one book anyway?

This past year (and then some) has been quite an upset, and major life changes have turned my life upside-down. This has just been another player in that. But I am trying to see the positive in all of it. And even with all those mixed feelings, it's not hard in this situation. Henry and Elizabeth will be back someday, but for now, I get to focus on writing other things.

I want to thank the whole team at Swoon for believing in me, my writing, and my story. I will miss working with all of them, especially my favorite editor. Thank you to my agent, for being so understanding and helpful in all this as well, and being eager to find a new home for my work--whether it be HEMLOCK VEILS or the project I am working on now.

Lastly, thank YOU a million. All of you were my biggest fans and/or my biggest supporters. From my book launch up until now, you have been eager to spread the word and your love for HEMLOCK VEILS. I am sad to say goodbye to it for a time. But I know good things lie ahead. So...stay tuned.